ASGAA is the world’s biggest No. 1 agarwood farmers based organization to promote Agarwood nursery, plantation, marketing.

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All Sanchi (Agar ) Growers Association of Assam is the (ASGAA) is the world’s biggest No. 1 (One) agarwood farmers based organization to promote all round development of Agarwood community in the world. We need to exchange our experiences in the field of agarwood plantation, processing and marketing with premier organizations of the world.
Asgaa Family Associate With
  • Vanadurgi Agarwood India Ltd INDIA
  • Sadaharitha Plantation Pvt. Ltd. SRILANKA
  • Wescorp Group AUSTRALIA
Asgaa Demands For
  • We support International Agarwood Auction Centre at Jorhat Assam
  • We Care for Naturally infected Agarwood Zone
Asgaa Joint Hands With Our Farmers
  • Collection of best quality seeds for nursery development.
  • Promote plantation in private as well as in homestead land.
  • Different workshop for agarwood extraction and oil distillation.
  • Awareness cum education and training programe among farmers.
  • Promote marketing of our agarwood products at best price.
  • Encourage farmers to introduce different multicrops in Agarwood plantation area.
ASGAA has approached Govt. of Assam and Central govt. on several occasions to formulate a policy for sustainable utilization of Agarwood keeping in mind the interest of the farmers. Most of the benefits are going to the illegal traders and as a result indigenous farmers in Assam and other North eastern States are being exploited.


It gives us immense pleasure to extend,on behalf of All Sanchi (Agar) Growers Association of Assam(ASGAA) our warmest congratulation and sincere greetings to all Sanchi (Agar) farmers planting and producing a large portion of raw material and contribute a vital role in the national and international market Aquilaria Malaccensis (Locally know as Sanchi or Agarwood) is abundantly available in Assam and in the north eastern states of India which has been identified as the most potential and rare species of flora.Agarwood oil and other high value byproducts are in high demand in food,fragrance and cosmetic market both national and internationally.Due to its limited supply and huge demand there is a ready market.

Further,climatic and soil condition of Assam and north eastern region is very suitable and best international quality of agarwood products are obtained only from this region due to its unique character of organic in nature

Our Association (ASGAA) has approached Govt,of Assam and Center Govt,on several association to formulate a clear cut and comprehensive policy for sustainable utilization of agarwood keeping in mind the interest of farmers so that it can be planted in eco friendly manner.

Our organization is taking a series of activities  including distribution of seeds, plants and other related materials,encouraging farmers for growing more plantation of agarwood trees in the private land for higher economic benefit and to promote environmental conditions in Assam and North eastern part of India to make” National Economic Zone” our slogan is to “GROW AGAR,SAVE AGAR,TRADE AGAR IN ECO FRIENDLY MANNER”. A noble step of (All Sanchi (Agar) Grower’s Association of Assam(ASGAA) to up lift the economic condition of Agar farmers in eco friendly manner.

Dear Farmers.
It gives us immense pleasure to inform you that the Agar plant of North-East part of India and chiefly Assam has been able to retain its recognition as an utmost valuable plant in National and international market.The agar plant found in Assam are scientifically called ‘Aquilaria malaccensis’ locally it is know as Sanchi or Agar.the most valuable quality of the plant in international market is its magnificent fragrance. The Government of Assam along with some concerned officials have ruined the status of Agar in markets by declaring it as an unnecessary plant.It is a highly unfortunate fact that the concerned departments have not been able to take sufficient steps to safeguard the interest of Agar growers and publicize the real value of Agar,despite knowing that it as ’Liquid Diamond’.

It is rather shameful fact that the Govt. of Assam has filed a status report through Draft Policy of Sustainable utilization of Agar Wood 2014 where Agar has been declared as worthless plant. The people of Assam in general and the Agar growers in particular are quite ignorant about this report.However, the Central Environment and Forest Minister has assured that a clear cut policy to safeguard the interest of this plant its growers would be declared within a short span of time. Hence,all the Agar growers are hereby appealed to come forward together and offer constructive suggestions to make this organisation a powerful one and act as an active member.

Our main demands of Sanchi (Agar) farmers were adopted unanimously in the 1st central conference of All Sanchi (Agar) Grower’s Associations of Assam and other officials


Chief advisor


Bhailal Patel Shri Bhailal Patel is the Chair – ISOL 2018 USA Steering Committee. He is President and Founder of National Indian American Public Policy Institute (NIAPPI) engaged primarily in research and educational activities. He is Executive Vice President of Parikh Worldwide Media LLC is the largest Indian-American publishing group in the United States. He is Chairman and Founder, Vishwa Bharatiya Samaj (International Society for Indian at Large). Founder and Trustee of Federation of Indian Associations (FIA), Chicago and North American Federation of Indian Associations, USA. Former President of Federation of Indian Association (FIA) Chicago and North American Federation of Indian Association USA. Former Vice President and Trustee: Vishwa Gujarat Samaj. Ahmedabad. Bharat (INDIA), Former President, Indian American Forum for Political Education (IAFPE), Med west Chapter. Chicago. IL
Chief legal advisor


Jayaprakash Dabral one of the leading environmentalist and founder President of Himalayan Chipko Foundation.
His contribution towards the safeguard of environment and forest is highly outstanding as a legal expert and practicing as a Supreme Court Lawyer.

Jai Prakash Dabral - 'CNN IBN Real Heroes Award Winner 2008'
Real Heroes Award for environment has been conferred on J.P.Dabral for his contribution to save trees and the environment. Dabral has single handedly forced the government to reduce the 90000 trees it was planning to fell for the construction of the transmission line from Tehri Dam.

Himalayan Chipko Foundation wins green apple award at House of Commons.
Himalayan Chipko Foundation, working for protection of trees in the region, win International Green Apple Award at the House of Commons in London in the year 2010.

The award is being to the Foundation president J P Dabral of the Foundation for its exposure of the Hak Hakook scam in Uttarakhand in which thousands of trees were cut on the pretext of providing wood to villagers whereas all the wood was sold by the timber mafia in the black market.
Chief Technical Advisor


Dr. Padmeswar Gogoi is eminent scientist and path finder in case of research and developmentf in the field of Sanchi (Agarwood) in India.

Kaziranga Wildlife Society (KWLS)confer its Life time Achievement Award for the year 2012 on a worthy achiever from the state Dr. Padmeswar Gogoi, whose contributions to the cause of environment and wildlife specially in case of Sanchi (Agarwood development)are considered to be of outstanding value. Dr. Gogoi born on 1948, has done his masters in Botanical Science joined D.R. College and remained there till his retirement. Dr. Gogoi apart from his other brilliant achievements, has singlehandedly setup a herbarium in the Mahi Miri Research Centre, at kohora, in Kaziranga National Park.
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